Dulux® Aquanamel Gloss is a waterbased interior/exterior acrylic enamel that dries to a glossy, ultra-smooth and tough finish. DULUX Aquanamel Gloss can be used in many of the areas that traditional solvent based enamels are used, with all the time saving benefits of an acrylic paint. Dulux® Aquanamel Gloss is non-yellowing and resists chipping.


• Water based
• Washable
• Hard-wearing
• Fast Drying
• Non-yellowing
• Smooth flow formula

Use on

Primed/underocated paper faced wallboard, brick, set plaster, fibrous
plaster, bare timber and previously painted surfaces. It is highly
recommended for walls, doors, architraves, timber trim, and skirting boards
as an alternative to enamels and is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and

Clean up


Apply with

Brush, Roller & Spray


Tinted Base: White, DTB, UDTB


4L & 10L

Product code: