Dulux® Silvasheen Enamel

Dulux® Silvasheen Enamel is general purpose enamel containing aluminium flakes

Dulux® Berger Jet Dry

It’s a rapid drying solvent-based interior/exterior floor and paving paint, that’s ideal for high traffic areas, including floors, driveways and paths, or anywhere a strong, attractive glossy finish might be required.

Dulux® Water Based Chalkboard

Dulux® Water Based Chalkboard is a quick convenient way of turning most surfaces into an instant chalkboard. Dulux® Water Based Chalkboard can be applied over previously coated chalkboard surfaces as well as many other areas where a chalkboard is required. It’s water based formulation means it’s dry an ready to use sooner than traditional oil based chalkboard paints.

Dulux® Berger Jet Dry True Grip

Berger Jet Dry True Grip is a non slip additive which has been specially formulated for use with Berger Jet Dry and other paving paints. When used with these paints, Berger Jet Dry True Grip reduces the tendency for paving and driveways to be slippery when wet.