Dulux® Acratex RenderWall Fast Render

DULUX AcraTex RenderWall products are supplied in dry powder form in 20kg bags requiring the addition of water and Dulux AcraTex AcraBond. (relevant to specification). Various Grades available designed to suit specific technical and applicational requirements

Dulux® Acratex Tilt Wash

DULUX AcraTex Tilt Wash is a water based low toxicity cleaning solution specifically designed to remove form oils & bond-breakers from concrete panels. To be used prior to the application of a paint/texture system.

Dulux® Acratex Acrabond

DULUX AcraTex AcraBond is an acrylic add mixture & bonding agent for use in RenderWall and general-purpose renders and concrete mixtures to improve strength and adhesive properties of cementitious compounds.

Dulux® Acratex AcraPatch Course

Dulux AcraTex AcraPatch Coarse is an acrylic based, granular patching compound. Supplied in a water based paste requiring the addition of 10% cement it exhibits minimal shrinkage on drying and good adhesion to clean masonry substrates.

Dulux® Acratex RenderWall FS

A polymer modified, and fibre reinforced cementitious skimcoat render designed for application to AAC Panels. It is a trowel applied skimcoat render and is designed as a preparatory product for subsequent Dulux AcraTex texture systems.

Dulux® Acratex AcraPrime Solvent Bases

DULUX AcraTex AcraPrime Solvent Based Sealer is a penetrating clear sealer for consolidating and unifying the surface integrity of powdery masonry surfaces. For use over new and previously coated powdery & friable surfaces.

Dulux® Acratex AcraPrime WaterBased Primer

A pigmented, white, 100% acrylic water based primer/sealer used in typical AcraTex Texture Coating systems over clean, porous masonry.

Dulux® Acratex Green Render Sealer

A water based primer/sealer designed for preparation of fresh "green" masonry surfaces to minimise efflorescence migrating through the coating system. It fast tracks coating schedules for projects by reducing the traditional concrete/render waiting period. It is also safe to paint render after two days.