ProSeries Flexi-Seal – Industrial Grade Sealant

PROSERIES Flexiseal Sealant is a one component polyurethane that is tough, fast curing and permanently elastic for flexible bonding and sealing. It has excellent sealing properties, is weatherproof, and suitable for indoor & outdoor applications. It is sandable and paintable when cured. It is available in white, black and grey.

No More Cracks Exterior

Selleys No More Cracks Exterior Powder Filler is a mix yourself powder filler for exterior cracks and holes in bricks, cement, stone and other masonry surfaces. It is a highly durable vinyl reinforced grey cement-based filler that is waterproof and resistant to temperature and humidity changes. It can be sanded, nailed or screwed. Can also be used on interior wet areas or ceramic floor tile cement.

Selleys Plastic Wood

Selleys Plastic Wood is a fast acting solvent based wood filling cement for use in repairing all types of woodwork in interior conditions. It is maple timber coloured.

Putty Special – Natural Colour

Selleys Special Putty is a linseed oil based, knife grade putty available in a natural colour.

ProSeries Fireblock

Low modulus, non-slumping, PSA composite sealant suitable for fire and acoustic rated construction. The sealant is light grey in colour.