Selleys Plastic Wood

Selleys Plastic Wood is a fast acting solvent based wood filling cement for use in repairing all types of woodwork in interior conditions. It is maple timber coloured.

Putty Special – Natural Colour

Selleys Special Putty is a linseed oil based, knife grade putty available in a natural colour.

ProSeries Flexi-Seal – Industrial Grade Sealant

PROSERIES Flexiseal Sealant is a one component polyurethane that is tough, fast curing and permanently elastic for flexible bonding and sealing. It has excellent sealing properties, is weatherproof, and suitable for indoor & outdoor applications. It is sandable and paintable when cured. It is available in white, black and grey.

ProSeries Fireblock

Low modulus, non-slumping, PSA composite sealant suitable for fire and acoustic rated construction. The sealant is light grey in colour.

No More Cracks Interior

No More Cracks Interior is a cellulose reinforced powder filler that reacts with water to form a solid filler ideal for patching interior plasterboard, fibro, masonry, timber and brick. It is in a white powder form until mixed with water.