Liquid Nails Original

Original, Fast, Clear, Mirror-metal-Glass, Fast grab, Heavy Duty, Landscape Selleys® Liquid Nails is a premium grade, solvent based, synthetic rubber multi -purpose construction adhesive that delivers a consistently strong and lasting bond on most building substrates. It has a thick nonrunny consistency. It is BIEGE (Light tan) in colour as applied and dry.

Quick Fix – Super Glue

Selleys Quick Fix Shock Proof is ultra-high strength super glue that dries clear. Gives great strength as well as flexibility and heat resistance. Performance above and beyond normal Super Glue.

Liquid Nails Mirror Metal & Glass

A premium grade high strength construction adhesive that delivers a consistently strong bond on mirror, metal and glass material.

Liquid Nails Heavy Duty

Selleys® Liquid Nails Heavy Duty is an advanced high-performance construction adhesive which means mechanical fasteners can be removed after 8 hours*. The non-slump formulation also offers extreme strength and durability, even when bonding two non-porous materials. It can be used on most building substrates.

Liquid Nails Fast

Selleys® Liquid Nails Fast is a water-based high strength (*) construction adhesive with fast grab & low odour. It has a thick, non-runny consistency and is ideal for adhering timbers and other porous construction materials. After drying it is beige (light tan) in colour.