Dulux® Sealer Binder

Dulux® Sealer Binder is a pigmented Oil Based prep coat which seals porous surfaces and binds unpainted powdery surfaces such as bare paster, providing sound foundation on which to apply subsequent paint coats. It helps protects surfaces finished against alkali attacks.

Dulux® Professional Premium Total Pep

Dulux® professional Total Prep is a high quality all-in-one acrylic primer/sealer/undercoat. Suitable for use on almost all interior and exterior surfaces.

Dulux® Prep Oil Based Primer

Dulux® Oil Based Primer is ideal for priming all timber when the top is to be an oilbased finish. It is suitable under dulux® Weathershield top coats, but Dulux® exterior acrylic primer is preferred for this purpose, except over tannin-rich timber.

Dulux® Prep Coat All Metal Primer

Dulux® All Metal Primer is an oil based anticorrosive primer for all common metals except zinc and galvanised metals. It is ideally suited as a primer for clean scale-free steel. For zinc & galvanised metals use DULUX Galvanised Iron Primer.

Dulux® Prep Coat Oil Based Undercoat

Dulux® Pre Coat Oil Based Undercoat is suitable for all interior & property primed exterior surfaces. It has excellent hiding power and good sanding properties.

Dulux® Prep Coat Acrylic Sealer Undercoat

Dulux® 1 Prep Coat Acrylic Sealer Undercoat is a premium water based Super Acrylic sealer and undercoat for interior use.